Eyes on Math:  A Visual Approach to Teaching Math Concepts 

Author: Marian Small 

Illustrated by Amy Lin 

Teachers College Press 

An introductory chapter in this book addresses some of the research on the value of visual representations of mathematical ideas. It also addresses the importance of questioning that evokes a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Chapters 2 – 4 provide visuals for discussion of selected mathematical topics in Grades K – 2, 3 – 5 and 6 – 8, respectively. The intention is to help the teacher in building a rich mathematical environment by using carefully constructed visuals to evoke student thinking about mathematical concepts.

The e-book provides vibrant color pictures that can form the basis of valuable mathematical conversations. The print resource provides teachers with support by:

• clarifying the main idea that the visual is intended to bring out and where that concept appears in the Common Core Standards for mathematics

• explaining why that idea is an important one to develop in a mathematics classroom

• specifically explaining why the provided visual is likely to evoke that idea

• providing additional questions, beyond those in the e-book, to use in a conversation with students about the picture and the underlying mathematical idea(s), and

• providing extensions.